Handy Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Typing in Japanese (Intermediate- Advanced)

Mac OS Shortcuts

APPLE + SPACEswitch between English/hiragana/katakana
changes depending on version of OS X
CTRL+SHIFT+;switch to romaji (standard English) input
CTRL+SHIFT+kswitch to katakana input
CTRL+SHIFT+jswitch to hiragana input
Enter"lock in" the words you are typing; tell the machine to accept "as is" what you have typed so far, and do not attempt to change it further
F6convert to full-width hiragana (standard hiragana)
F7convert to half-width katakana (standard katakana)
F8convert to half-width katakana (usually not what you want)
F9convert to full-width English (usually not what you want)
F10convert to half-width English (standard English)
Spaceconverts to the first word
2-6when you see the word you want, but it's not in the first position, press the corresponding number to input that word

Japanese Symbols

SymbolWhat to Type
「 」[ ]
『 』[ ] + SPACE (or SHIFT + [ ])
- (dash)
『【〈〉〔〕 etc.かっこ
→ ↑やじるし
△ ▶さんかく
□ ■しかく
£†∬♀ etc.きごう

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