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I enjoy the free Japanese Pod 101 podcasts that you can on iTunes, but I don't enjoy Japanese Pod 101's marketing.

The company offers a free week-long trial of their premium services, which is great. But, each day they send you a lengthy "better sign-up now" deal with a new special offer.

Some people may not object to this, but I would prefer a more straightforward deal.

For example, look at this e-mail from day four:

SUBJECT: Mr. NAME, I'm confused.  Are you getting my e-mails?

There's something that has me confused.

I noticed you haven't upgraded your
JapanesePod101.com membership to Premium yet and
that you only have 4 days left in your trial

I'm sure there's a good reason you haven't signed
up yet. I know that you may not have had the time
yet to check out everything we have to offer,

* Beginner to Advanced Audio (Mp3) Lessons

* Line-By-Line Audio Transcripts

* Pronunciation Practice

* A Portable iPod Audiobook

* Word Dictionary

* Kanji Dictionary

* Interactive Content, Quizzes And Flashcards

* Extra Help With Grammar

* Practice"Japanese Language Proficiency Tests" (JLPT)

* And more.

You still have 4 days to check out the above here:


But I don't want you to forget to extend your
membership before your trial is over... so I want
to offer you an EXTREMELY special discount if
you'll upgrade right now.

Monthly Premium membership to JapanesePod101.com
costs $25. That means there are hundreds paying us
$300/year for a Premium membership.

However, there's a loophole you can exploit...

If you sign up for a year's Premium Membership,
normally we'll give you a heavy discount to $180,
but if you act through the special link below
in the next 24 hours we'll let you in for 12
months at just $135.


That's a 55% savings just for upgrading your
membership now. You’ll need your username and
password to sign up, so here they are just in case
you don't have them handy:

Username: USERNAME
Password: PASSWORD

So if you're not doing anything this moment, I
recommend clicking that link now before you forget
and accidentally miss this special offer. If
you're too busy at the moment, make sure to put
this email in a safe place and try to act within
24 hours (while the offer is still valid).

Thanks for reading,

Peter Galante

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please click the following link:

Why don't they give this offer to potential subscribers up front? I don't like sales models where the customers who pay the first price they see are suckers, which is the way this site is set up.

I like to trust the price I pay won't suddenly decrease if I say no, so I can't recommend actually becoming a member of the site. At least all of their best content is free!

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