Even More Customer Comments

Excellent service! Fast delivery and reasonable price.
September 22, 2013

Super quick and promising service !!
Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
September 21, 2013

Worked perfectly! This site is such a good idea! Definitely beats waiting weeks for a card to come in the mail when we can get the code through here within a few hours and at a cheap price!
Phoenix, United States
September 21, 2013

Amazingly fast. Code worked no problem. Would buy again.
-Peter H
San Francisco, United States
September 19, 2013

Wonderful service! Price is fairly cheap and almost instant delivery every time! Nice to do business with you!
Burnaby, Canada
September 16, 2013

Thank for your nice service! I get the 3000yen cards code within 10hours, Thanks again:)
kuching, Malaysia
September 14, 2013

You are friendly, helpful, fast and reliable! I have bought 3 cards and had my code in less than 5 minutes each time. Coupons were fast and helpful! Thank you for everything, it is appreciated!
Texas, United States
September 8, 2013

This site is awesome I only buy my psn Japanese cards from this site!!! I have been a costumer for a cople of years now Bought the card and 10 min later I received a message to confirm the order. Super fast delivery 2 hrs tops to get the code and download my new favorite Japanese game jojos bizarre adventure all star battle. Thanks guys
-Christian smith
Los Angeles , United States
September 3, 2013

So...yeah! I'm stumped!! Three minutes after having paid via PayPal, I receive the code via email and it works! I'll definitely come back around here!! Thanks a million, Patrick!
Lausanne, Switzerland
August 31, 2013

Hi Patrick.This is my 2nd time bought iTunes Japan Cards from your website. Thank you very much for offering this service. Im having difficulties to purchased my fav band song from iTunes from Japan.But this, make my life easier. Well done!
SHAH ALAM, Malaysia
August 28, 2013

3 minutes. Just 3 minutes after I confirm payment, I get an email with my Apple iTunes code. Seriously, I'm staggered - like every purchase I've made from you since my first (was it 3 years back? perhaps 4?), I find myself wondering 'does this guy have a life or is he using a bot?'. Thanks once again. When you claim 'extremely fast delivery' on your site banner, you certainly aren't bluffing.
August 26, 2013

Highly Recommend! As others have said, the codes arrives very quickly. I then followed the directions to set up a Japanese I-Tunes account and was able to download music without any problems. Now that I know how well it works, I will definitely be using it more in the future!!
Halifax, Canada
August 25, 2013

Super quick delivery! I placed my order, made a quick meal, checked my e-mail, and not even 20 minutes passed and I already had my code. I'm impressed and will definitely use your service again. :D
-Chris Tidwell
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
August 23, 2013

Thank you and your super fast shipping on Japan psn cards and I bought 3 Codes already. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up
stockton, United States
August 23, 2013

I got my I-Tunes order in 7 minutes, literally. So quick! Thanks Pat
United States
August 21, 2013

Amazingly fast. Received in 5 minutes. So much better then Play-Asia. Thanks
August 20, 2013

Because of this amazing service, I am able to subscribe to all the same newsmagazines I read back in Japan - now on the iPad, always up to date and no more shipping across the ocean with 1 week delay! I always recommend this service the moment anyone says "but I can't pay on the Japan iStore..." you can!
-Akibare Nanashi
United States
August 19, 2013

He said he would deliver within 24 hours.....it was delivered in like, 5 minutes!! BEST. TRANSACTION. EVER!!!!
-Joshua Harris
Cincinnati, United States
August 17, 2013

Bravo !! One more time bravo. Honnest, Fast and fantastic service like all the time. The best secure and fast to purchase psn cards. Thank You one more time.
August 16, 2013

Got the codes literally within minutes. Best site to get your iTunes cards from!
Trenton, United States
August 12, 2013

Patrick's service is awesome! He is super punctual, friendly, and answers every question concisely. Once into the Japanese iTunes store I can't stop shopping! There are so many awesome songs and if you want to get in this is the way to go! :)
-Michael Morgan
Burbank, United States
August 11, 2013

Incredibly fast delivery, great service, and competitive pricing with coupons! Highly recommend over other JPN PSN retailers such as Play-Asia!

August 6, 2013

It's nice to see people with the same name as me, Patrick, to do something very productive online! The iTunes Japan instant purchase service is awesome! I have been purchasing Japan iTunes cards from Patrick many times already, and I have to say I'm very satisfied with the service I get. Thank you very much! If we can be friends, I would be delighted to do so. We might share similar interests. Anyway, thanks once again.
-JPz Jaurigue
Carson, United States
August 4, 2013

Very reliable, always delivers in the amount of time stated. I have used this service many times and have never been displeased.
-J. Harris
United States
August 3, 2013

Very fast delivery. I got my code within 5 minutes of ordering!
Sydney, Australia
August 3, 2013