Creating a New Account on the Sony Japan PlayStation Network

To use the Japanese PSN, you must register a Japanese account. You can register a Japanese account for free using any PS3.

How to Register a Sony Japan PSN ID to Use the PSN Store

Note: The pictures used in this guide are in Japanese because my PS3 is in Japanese. You can register a Japanese account using a PS3 set to any language.

  1. Create a new user account on your PS3. Scroll to the leftmost menu "ユーザー" (Users) and choose "新しいユーザーの作成" (Create New User) from the menu.
    create a new user account
  2. Enter the username for the new account. This username will appear on the user menu; it is not the id for the PSN. Adding "Japan" to the name might help you remember that this is a Japanese account.
    enter the new user name
  3. Log in as the new user you created in step two.
    log in
  4. Select "PlayStation Networkにサインアップ" (Sign up for the PlayStation Network) from the "PlayStation Network" menu.
    sign up for the PSN
  5. Select "新しいアカウントの作成" (Create a New Account).
    create a new PSN account
  6. Select "次へ" (Next) on the welcome screen.
    select next when welcomed
  7. At the country prompt, select "日本" (Japan). "日本語" (Japanese) is the only language option. Next, enter your birthday (year-month-day) and then select "次へ" (Next). Quick reference: "次へ" (Next), "戻る" (Back), "キャンセル" (Cancel).
    select Japan and enter your birthday
  8. Accept the store agreement by selecting "同意する" (Accept). Quick reference: "同意する" (Accept), "同意しない" (Refuse).
    accept the store agreement
  9. For your サインインID (sign in ID), enter your e-mail address. This cannot be a mobile phone address, and it must not already be registered with another PlayStation Network account. When you enter the address, a window will appear asking you to verify your e-mail.

    Next enter your パスワード (password) twice to confirm your password. The password must be at least eight characters and include at least one letter and one number. Check the box if you would like your password to be saved automatically. Last, enter your secret answer to your secret question. (The default secret question is: "Where were you born?", but you can write any secret answer you like.)
    enter your e-mail address
  10. This e-mail asks you to please confirm your e-mail. Just select OK.
    just select ok
  11. Next, enter your desired オンライン ID (Online ID). This is your unique handle for playing online games (it must not match any existing PSN account from any country). If your desired name is not available, オンラインID will turn red and you will have to choose a new ID. Acceptable IDs:
    • Must be between 3 and 16 characters
    • Can include letters, numbers, -, and _.
    • Cannot be related to your password.
    • Will be made public, so do not include personal information.
    • Cannot be changed once registered.

    set your PSN ID
  12. If your ID meets all the requirements, you will receive this message. Select OK.
    select ok
  13. Enter your 姓 (last name), 名 (first name), and optionally your 性別 (gender). Quick reference: 男性 (male), 女性 (female).
    enter your personal information
  14. Enter a Japanese address. If you don't have a Japanese address, it is possible to use the address of a Japanese hotel or business. The 郵便番号 (postal code) and 都道府県 (prefecture) must match. Currently, if the postal code and prefecture match, Sony will accept your registration.
    For example, if you enter 1000006 in the 郵便番号 box and then select the orange 住所検索 box (address search), the information will automatically be filled in as shown below. Without doing anything else, clicking "次へ" will allow you to proceed to the next screen.
    enter your address
  15. The next screen asks if you would like to receive promotional e-mails from Sony. Leave the box unchecked if you do not wish to receive any e-mails.
    refuse promotional offers
  16. Finally, you will be asked to confirm your registration. If you need to make changes, select the appropriate 編集 (edit) button. If everything is ok, select 確定 (Confirm).
    confirm your registration
  17. Enjoy shopping on the Japanese PSN Store and playing free demos from Japan!
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